Investigation on depressive state of hospitalized senile patients

  • Xiaorong Wang Department of Preventive Medicine, YongDingMenWai Community Health Service Center, Beijing, China
Keywords: senile patients; in hospital; depressive state; investigation and research


Objective: In order to discuss the degree of depression of hospitalized senile patients and to know the proegumenal cause, 100 hospitalized senile patients were taken out randomly and investigated with depression by adopting the Geriatric Depression Scale ( GDS) and the Symptom Self-evaluation Scale (SCL-90). The results showed that 50 percent senile patients showed different depression condition. The occurrence of depression in the patients with bad self-rating health or with low self-care ability was significantly higer than that in those with better self-rating health or with higher self-care ability. Depressive state was mainly from the patients underestimate their health condition.

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Wang, X. (2017, December 18). Investigation on depressive state of hospitalized senile patients. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, 1(3), 10.
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