Research and Implementation of Regional Health Information System for Smart Healthcare

  • Jin Zhao Southeast University, Nanjing 211189,China
  • ZhiHong Chong Southeast University, Nanjing 211189,China
Keywords: smart healthcare, HL7RIM, access control, cross-domain


Objective: This article discusses the development of medical information models by integrating the practice of smart medical information
construction both at home and abroad, and accumulates a technology for building distributed, cross-domain smart medical models, and seeks feasible solutions. Methods: Through the analysis of business requirements and status quo, using the UML Unified Modeling Language definition view, a model for smart medical information platform is established from various aspects to guide the design of the architecture and functional design. Results: The smart medical information platform is the core system of regional healthcare informatization, and more intelligent medical and health services are new ideas for the development of medical informatization. The comprehensiveness, accuracy and timeliness of business data based on health records on the platform play a crucial role in the effective provision of medical and health services. In the entire “Smart Healthcare” building process, the use of Internet of Things technology to intelligently collect residents’ health data, build a smart medical information platform and electronic medical records resources database, health records resources database,medical professional knowledge base, to promote the integration of residents health card applications, to accelerate the construction of such projects as telemedicine, mobile medical care, appointment registration, health management, and smart community health services, to realize information sharing and exchange among departments of health and medical insurance, drug administration, family planning, public security,and civil affairs, and to establish cross-system cross-institutional regional health information system, relying on big data technology to conduct smart big data intelligence analysis, to allow residents to enjoy more convenient, efficient, high-quality, continuous medical servicesand health management, and to enhance residents’ sense of enjoying medical reform.

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Zhao, J., & Chong, Z. (2018, July 3). Research and Implementation of Regional Health Information System for Smart Healthcare. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, 2(2), 1.
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