The Connotation and Value of Universal Medicine

  • Yake Xie
Keywords: universal medicine; information ethics; medical ethics; intrinsic value


Objective: With the continuous breakthroughs in precision medicine, nanomaterials, smart medical equipment and medical robots, human
beings are entering a new era of universal medicine. While these technologies are causing medical revolutionary changes, the new technology
ecology and the era environment are also impacting and reconstructing the existing medical ethics system. The purpose of this paper is to
explore the ethical risks and response paths in the pervasive medical environment.
Method: The research methods are mainly based on ethical research methods, and used cross-disciplinary research methods such as medicine.
Conclusion: From the perspective of ethics, comprehensively and systematically analyze the ethical issues in the era of universal medical treatment,
and open up a new perspective, try to establish a new era of medical ethics framework, and expand the research horizon of medical ethics.

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Xie, Y. (2018, October 17). The Connotation and Value of Universal Medicine. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, 2(3), 24.
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