Summary of Research Progress of Brain Machine Integration

  • Lijuan Su
Keywords: brain integration; Literature review; Hybrid Intelligent System; biological intelligence


Objective: Brain Machine Integration refers to a hybrid intelligent system that integrates biological intelligence and machine intelligence
through brain computer interface technology, which is considered one of the most important frontier science fields in the 21st century. As
an important part of brain integration, machine intelligence has strong storage and computing power. Compared with machine intelligence,
the advantage of bio-intelligence lies in its high efficiency and low power consumption perception and logical reasoning ability. It is a key
problem and challenge to combine the advantages of the two and build a more powerful new intelligent form.
Methods: The research work related to brain-computer fusion system was analyzed with literature review and compared with the research.
Results: This paper summarizes the research work related to migratory brain fusion system, and analyzes the main problems and challenges
in the study of migratory brain-computer fusion system.

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