Research and Design of Vital Sign Data Service Platform

  • yang Li Xiangtan University, China
Keywords: vital signs data; Data storage platform; Non-relational database; health care awareness


Objective: The production of vital sign data is characterized by high concurrency and large amount of data. The data of user's vital sign has
high medical and economic value, and it is very necessary to store it.
Methods: Using a single-threaded, asynchronous I/O, event-driven Node.js and non-relational database MongoDB to build a data platform
suitable for high concurrency and massive data storage of vital signs.
Results: By establishing the data storage platform of vital sign data, we can further analyze and utilize the data, and it is of great significance
to develop other health services on this basis, which is of great significance for cultivating users' health care consciousness, preventing
disease and medical research.

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Li, yang. (2019, February 26). Research and Design of Vital Sign Data Service Platform. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, 2(4), 7.
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