Analysis on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of the Examination Management of Chinese Medical Students' Qualification Examination

  • Hui Dong Shan Dong University, China
Keywords: medical qualification; Examination management; Management specialization; Data application ability; hierarchical management system


Objective: The establishment of medical qualification system is an important measure for the government to carry out the access control
of professional technicians in the medical and health professions. It is a relatively scientific and fair evaluation system. The management
specialization, standardization and scientization of medical qualification examination have been improved ceaselessly, but still face many
problems, whether from exam form, examination scope and examination content, or from the organization management of examination,
etc. Compared with the mature physician practice examination in developed countries, there is a wide gap, which is badly in need of
standardization, perfection and development. .
Methods: By means of literature research and interview, this paper comprehensively analyzes the present situation of the qualification
examination of medical teachers in China, and puts forward some countermeasures to solve the existing problems, aiming at providing useful
reference for qualified examiners.
Results: Five measures to optimize the management of medical qualification examination are put forward. The government will improve
the legal system and system construction of medical teachers' qualification examination management, and strengthen the guidance and
management of the school. Give full play to the relevant functions of social services. Use the modern technology to improve the authenticity
of the simulation, improve the students' education level, and strictly control qualification examination; Explore the classification management
system of practicing medicine teachers; Perfecting and reforming examination content and title design. To increase the knowledge of
humanities and social science, to prevent medical knowledge and data application. Improve exam environment, strengthen examination and
credit system construction, carry out paperless examination, continuously improve exam environment.

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Dong, H. (2019, February 26). Analysis on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of the Examination Management of Chinese Medical Students’ Qualification Examination. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, 2(4), 13.
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