Study on Management of Remote Medical Follow-up Service and Analysis of Demand

  • Ping Wang China University of Science and Technology
Keywords: Remote medical treatment; Follow-up service management; Follow-up service requirements; medical service


Objective: The medical service organization faces the pressure of progressive market competition in the face of modern medical service,
and the change of medical service mode, through strengthening the core competence of long-distance medical service, applying the scientific
management theory to enhance the connotation of medical service. To achieve the scientific management of medical service.
Methods: Through literature search and analysis, the domestic and foreign literatures on medical follow-up service management were
reviewed, and the new trends in recent years were reviewed and summarized.
Results: Through the study of the management of long-distance medical follow-up service, this paper expounds the theory of medical servicerelated
theory, and finds the breakthrough point of applying these theories to the medical follow-up service. The concept and characteristics,
object, carrier, value and demand of long-distance medical follow-up service were studied in detail. This has great help to improve the
management level of medical service agencies, which is more conducive to meeting the needs of patients' medical services and the needs of
the public, and can better meet the needs of medical institution management and the needs of patients' disease treatment.

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